• SmartBank Pro 12v Electric Vehicle Split Charge

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SmartBank PRO Electric is the most advanced stand-alone split charging device available which is has been pre programed to be suitable for all new electric vehicles

All modern electric vehicles have a high powered 200-500amp DC-DC charger installed for charging the main service battery that controls all of the vehicles electrics and safety systems

As the main service battery DC-DC charging system is 200-500amps you will need to use a high capacity contactor like supplied in the SartBank Pro kit to maintain and charge any additional leisure batteries to avoid overloading the contacts in a conventional VSR type relay. Using the SmartBank Pro will allow for high capacity loads to maintain and charge the leisure battery while the vehicle is being used or when plugged in on charge over night or at a fast charging station on your journey.

With the inbuilt DC-DC charger maintaining the vehicles service battery, this can have a very high voltage output during SRCS recovery e.c.t up to and over at some times of 16v. The high voltage cut out on the SmartBank Pro is essential to avoid overcharging and higher voltages going into the leisure battery and especially on lithium battery set ups if is does not have a overvoltage shut built into the BMS 

SmartBank pro is set up with both sides of the contacts on the solenoid activated by the start up voltage so if applying solar to the vehicle this can also be used to maintain the vehicles service battery while the vehicle is parked up.

Smart bank also has a very neat auto connect switch supplied with the system to allow for for start assist for 20 seconds in a standart vehicle but in a full electric vehicle this can be also be used to get a 12v supply to the vehicles service battery to acces the vehicles electronics like the alarm, central locking e.c.t. in a emergency.   

SmartBank PRO introduces no voltage drop, does not force feed batteries and allows capacity sharing be-tween battery banks to stretch battery run-times to the max.

On board DSP (Digital Signal Pro-cessing) prevents it being confused by transient loads and built in Datalogging allows you to track system performance and tune it to maximise charge efficiency.

• SmartBank PRO can be batch programmed by PC—ideal for fitting across large fleets including Full Electric, Euro5 Euro6 using SRCS systems.

• Advanced Split Charging for larger systems & professional users

• Manual and Computer Adjustment of Split Charge Settings and built in data-logging

• Charge Prioritising & Capacity Sharing - allows you to prioritise charge order and share spare engine battery capacity with auxiliaries

• 8 x programmable inputs & outputs to allow easy integration of alarms, interlocks, dual station emergency parallel switches and automatic reset of flat battery protection systems

• Suitable for electric vehicle split charging


12 Volt Models

Contactor Current - Continuous 200A

Contactor Current - 5 Mins 250A

Contactor Current - Cranking (Emergency Parallel) 725A

Power Consumption <10mA

Connect/Disconnect Voltage Ad-justment Range  Fully adjustable

Time Adjustment Range Fully adjustable

CPU Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 68 x 110 x 32

CPU Weight - Ex Cables (g)178

Contactor Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 91 x 50 x 39

Contactor Weight (g) 375

Compliance EMC2002/95/EC, CE, ISO7637-2, SAE J1171

E-Mark Certification Yes

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SmartBank Pro 12v Electric Vehicle Split Charge

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