• Smart Gauge Battery Monitor

Merlin Smartguage Battery Monitor

SmartGauge is the most accurate battery monitor currently available today.

Conventional battery monitors use a Current Measurement Shunt to ‘count’ amp hours in/out of a battery. The problem is that an amp hour changes according to temperature, discharge rate, charge rate and condition of the batteries. This means that conventional monitors run out of synchronisation and after a time can display misleading information.

SmartGauge uses a completely different type of monitoring method. Real-Time battery measurements and proprietary algorithm coupled to computerised battery models allow SmartGauge to always provide real-time battery % of charge remaining AND will never run out of synchronisation with the battery. What’s more, installation is easier and SmartGauge can be easily used and understood by all crew members.

In recent independent tests by leading battery manufacturer, Enersys, SmartGauge was found to be more accurate than conventional battery monitors.

SmartGauge displays the battery voltage for your domestic battery bank and % remaining. Conventional monitors always show % remaining of theoretical capacity when the battery was new – not actual. Bearing in mind that batteries lose around 10% of capacity per year, this means that inherent inaccuracies grow. SmartGauge displays real-time capacity remaining so you are never surprised by running out of power early.

SmartGauge will also display battery voltage for your engine battery. It is fitted with a high/low voltage alarm for each battery and low % remaining alarm. A volt-free contact on the rear of SmartGauge allows you to trigger external alarms, auto generator start etc.

SmartGauge’s large LED display is easily read in all lighting conditions and the unit is suitable for 12 and 24V battery banks. Installation comprises of connecting 3 wires and telling the unit which style of battery you have. Programmes include: Semi Traction Open Lead/Acid, Leisure Lead/Acid, Sealed Lead/Acid (High Calcium), Gel, AGM, Lifeline, Odyssey, Optima and custom programmes.


Voltage Range 8-40VDC (Suitable for 12 and 24V systems)

Current (Sleep Mode) 5mA

Current (Display On) <15mA

Operating Temp -25 to + 85 degrees Celsius

Accuracy Absolute maximum error of 10% during charge (Self correcting)

Absolute maximum error of 5% during discharge (self correcting)

Voltage Accuracy +/-0.5%

Dimensions – Front Panel 110x76mm

Dimensions – Body 95x64mm

Dimensions – Overall depth 28mm

Weight 200g

Protection Rating IP20 – Front Panel IP65

Standards Compliance CE, ISO7637-2

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Smart Gauge Battery Monitor

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