LiFos is a 68Ah deep cycle Lithium-Iron Phospate (LiFePO4) battery.

Lithium-Ion batteries offer significant advantages for those reliant on mobile power. Good quality, deep cycle lead/acid batteries can be discharged to about 50% of their rated capacity. Lithium batteries allow you to pull around 90% - meaning that they are almost twice as powerful.

Until now, Lithium was reserved only for those with massive budgets! Simply Split Charge's LiFos battery changes things..

LiFos is a 68Ah deep cycle Lithium-Iron Phospate (LiFePO4) battery. It is equivalent to a 120Ah lead/acid battery. Multiple units can be used in parallel to provide more capacity as required.

Cyclic Life of LiFos is significantly greater with LiFos. A quality lead/acid battery will provide around 1000 cycles (to 50% depth of discharge). LiFos will cycle to over 4000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge and 2750 if taken down regularly to 90%.

Unlike many Lithium batteries, no external BMS (Battery Management System) is required as each battery has this already built in. What’s more, a Bluetooth connection and App (Apple/Android) provides a useful battery monitoring feature. Due to the onboard BMS, LiFos in many circumstances can be used as a ‘drop in replacement’ for an existing leisure battery.


  • Considerable weight and space savings. A 120Ah Lead/Acid battery weighs around 38Kg and measures 400x170x230. In comparison, LiFos weighs just 7.2Kg and is half the size at 250x175x190mm.
  • LiFos can be discharged to 90% without significant degradation of battery voltage. This means that you can use virtually all the available energy inside the battery without your appliances shutting down due to low voltage.
  • LiFos provides anywhere between 60-80% more cycles than lead/acid which pays for the additional cost alone.
  • No additional BMS required (do read the integration section below)
  • Onboard Bluetooth with free App for battery monitoring



Lithium technology is slightly different to Lead/Acid. Any installation must be modified if required to suit the limitations noted below:

  • Temperature

LiFos will operate between 0 and 60°C. While the battery will provide power below 0°C, it won't charge. In most applications in the UK this shouldn't present a problem. If you try to charge or discharge outside the temperature limits, the BMS will shut the battery down.

  • Charge/Discharge Rate

A single LiFos battery will accept up to 40A charging current. Any battery charger used must have a lithium ion setting and should be fitted with a temperature sensor. If 2, 3 or 4 LiFos batteries are fitted in parallel, the max charging current can increase to 80, 120 and 160A respectively.

A single LiFos battery will provide up to 60A discharge continuously (equivalent to a 750 watt inverter). Again, if 2, 3 or 4 batteries are run in parallel, this limit increases to 120A (1500 watts), 180A (2250 watts) and 240A (3000 watts) respectively.

  • Cranking

LiFos is not designed for engine starting or running very high current loads like bow thrusters.


Charging must be via a device that provides a temperature compensated 3 stage smart battery charging device with a Lithium Ion battery programme.

The Abso 20/40A charger with temperature sensor is ideal.

For charging from a vehicle battery, a quality DC-DC Battery Charger must be used, again with Temperature Compensation and Lithium-Ion charging programme.

For a single LiFos the 30A Abso DC-DC Charger is ideal for 2, 3 or 4 LiFos, we suggest using the 50A unit.

Need More Power?

  • Parrallel Connection

Up to 4x LiFos can be connected in Parallel to provide a 12V 272Ah battery bank.

The batteries must be connected using identical length battery parallel cables as shown below.

  • Series Connection

2x LiFos can be connected in series to provide a 24V 68Ah battery bank.

4x LiFos can be connected in series/parallel to provide a 24V 136Ah battery.

In 24V format the current limits for a 68Ah block are 40A/60A and 80A/120A for a 136Ah set-up.

  • Warranty

LiFos is supplied with a 5 year warranty.

Please contact us for more details : 01229 718098

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LiFos is a 68Ah deep cycle Lithium-Iron Phospate (LiFePO4) battery.

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