• 12V M-Power Voltage Sense 140amp Intelligent Relay

12V Merlin Equipment M-Power Voltage Sense 140amp Intelligent Relay

The voltage sense relay simply detects the rise in voltage from you vehicles charging system when it exceeds 13.3v to allow you to charge your leisure battery(s) while your engine is running. When your engine is switched off and the battery voltage drops below 12.8v the relay will isolate your leisure battery(s) from your main starter battery so it does not drain your main starter battery and you will always be able to start your vehicle.

All of the range of 140amp voltage sensitive relays are dual sensing meaning that if a charging voltage like through a mains charger or solar panel is applied to the leisure battery that exceeds the relay activation voltage of 13.3v it will activate the relay to allow this charging device to also maintain the starter battery.

Additional Information

  • Relay activation voltage 13.3v
  • Relay isolation Voltage 12.8v
  • Duel sense operation

Voltage sense systems are especially suited for modern vehicles as this type of system does not need an ignition feed or any additional wiring into your vehicle but for modern Intelligent smart charging vehicles with Euro cat 5/6 engines you may need to use a DC to DC charger.

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12V M-Power Voltage Sense 140amp Intelligent Relay

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