• BBW1260 Sterling Power 60amp Automatic 12V DC to 12V DC Battery to Battery Charger

The Sterling Power BBW1260 is a fully automatic or ignition controlled 12V DC battery to battery charger that will charge your leisure battery up to 10 x faster than using a standard split charge system. 

This means if you are doing small journeys and need your leisure battery(s) for your business you can expect to achieve up to 60amps going back into the battery(s) per hour instead of approx 10-15 amps max per hour through a standard split charge system.

The battery to battery charger is designed to boost the low voltage from the alternator up to the correct voltage for the battery chemistry regardless of the massive voltage swings delivered by the alternator, this ensures a constant and much faster charge from the system, also this is even more important the further back the auxiliary battery banks is in the vehicle to also compensate for cable voltage drops, the end result is a much faster charge rate (over 10 times faster).

It is also one of the only charging systems you will be able to use on more modern vehicle fitted with brake regeneration systems as it will be able to cope with the massive rise and falls on vehicle voltage.

Please see the link on our help page for a PDF from Sterling Power for more information on brake regenerative systems and how this unit will help

Very simple to connect and install with only three connections

  • Starter battery to charger

  • Charger to leisure battery

  • Common Earth

Supplied with full fitting Instructions
2 Year Warranty from Sterling Power for mechanical faults

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BBW1260 Sterling Power 60amp Automatic 12V DC to 12V DC Battery to Battery Charger

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