• SmartBank Lite 12v

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SmartBank Lite is designed for two battery banks and any number of charge sources.

The contactor should be mounted in a clean, dry environment between the batteries.

The Contactor can handle up to 125A continuously.


SmartBank Lite is a battery combiner that joins multiple battery banks together while charging and disconnects them again while discharging.

Battery Combining is the Industry Accepted ‘best method’ of split charging and introduces no voltage drop or force-feeding of batteries.

SmartBank Lite also has an “Emergency Parallel” feature that allows jump starting in the event of engine batteries running flat.

• Zero-Loss Split Charging with no force-feeding of batteries.

• Adjustable Connect/Disconnect & Hold Delay Timer to prevent contactor “chatter” and allows tuning of the system for best performance.

• Suitable for two battery banks and any number of charging sources

• Emergency Parallel— allows you to jump start from auxiliary batteries.Supplied with dash-mounted switch with built-in LED warning.

•Open contactor contacts to allow cleaning

We also supply this system as a fullkit including everything needed to get it installed into your vehicle 

2-10m Red 40mm² 300amp Cable

1m Black 40mm² 300amp Cable

2-10m Conduit

BT008 Battery Terminals

Heat Shrink Pack

10 x 35-8T Copper Tube Terminals

3 x 35-10T Copper Tube Terminals

1 x 35-6T Copper Tube Terminals

10 x CTR063/FI  Red Pre insulated 6.3mm Crimp Terminals

2 x Mega Fuse Holders

3 x 250amp Mega Fuses

2 x Red Cable Covers

Fitting Pack including Cable Ties + Cable Tie Bases 

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SmartBank Lite 12v

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